Delightfully smooth mobile banking

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Nordea Mobile

Easy banking. Easy app.

Banking should be easy. Mobile banking even more so. Nordea Mobile – our mobile banking app – has been created together with our customers and visually re-designed to take your mobile banking experience to new heights.

Change home screen

The personal touch.

Log in with face recognition or your fingerprint and customise the home screen to access your favourite features with a single tap. Smoothly. Effortlessly. Instantly.

Block and unblock card

Block your card with just one click.

You can now block your card directly in the app. If blocked temporarily, you can easily unblock it again. If blocked permanently, a new card is immediately ordered for your convenience.

Scan to pay

Paying bills just got a little bit easier.

Pay your bills with a simple scan. Just grab your phone. Open the app. And scan the code on the bill. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Instant chat and online meetings

Call me maybe? Definitely.

Try the smooth in-app chat function and get in touch with us at your convenience. Or put a face on the agent by joining a pre-booked online meeting directly in the app.

Manage investments

Flexibility in buying and selling funds.

Buy and sell funds directly from the app and follow your investments at all times.